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Paying Your VAT

July 20, 2017

As with everything HMRC related paying your VAT is not as straightforward as you would wish, rather than hunt through the interweb pages looking for the correct details we have brought them together on a series of pages which you can book mark for whenever you need them

Below is the relevant information from HMRC that shows the different methods of paying your VAT liability, information here is taken directly from the HMRC website.

Paying VAT from a UK bank account

Getting your payment right:

  • Take care to give the right HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) bank account details to your bank.
  • Use the right HMRC reference.
  • Check with your bank on how long payments take to make sure your payment reaches HMRC on time.

You should only use these bank details if you are making a payment by Bacs Direct Credit, Faster Payments by online/telephone banking or CHAPS.

Sort code 08 32 00
Account number 11963155
Account name HMRC VAT
Example reference number You can find your VAT registration number on your:

  • VAT Registration Certificate
  • VAT online account

It’s made up of nine digits, for example 123456789.

Please make sure you provide your reference number with no spaces between the characters otherwise it could lead to delays in updating your records.

Check your reference using HMRC’s reference checker

Address of the bank to which payment is being made Citi
Citigroup Centre
Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5LB
Faster Payments by internet or telephone banking Faster Payments is a service provided by the banks for sending online or telephone payments on the same or next day. You can use it providing the value of the payment does not exceed the value limit set by your bank.Find out more about the Faster Payments Service
Paying by CHAPS If you are paying by CHAPS then you must make the payment within your bank’s time limits (usually between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm – Monday to Friday).You can complete and print off a standard format instruction to make a payment to HMRC. Please note that some bank branches may require an accompanying letter as an authorisation to pay.Complete and print out a payment request

If you require any assistance or advice from PGA when making your VAT payment please give us a call on 01666 829013


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