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Company Formations

There are many formation companies offering great prices. However, forming a company does cost time and money and the only way to get it done cheaply is either to let the formation company choose your bank for you (and they get the commission), or do it yourself on Companies House website. This might save a few pounds, but mistakes do happen and this can be extremely costly.

Sign up to one of our great value Fixed Fee Accounting Packages and we will provide this service free of charge

With our Free Company Formation Service, you get the following benefits.

  • Supply us with a few details, the name of the company, its shareholders and Directors and we will do the rest for you without any charge.
  • Each Company Formation pro forma is checked by a qualified accountant
  • We provide advice on the shareholding structure dependent upon your own unique circumstances
  • Our fee for our Company Formation Service is waived if you sign up to our great value accounting services.
  • We offer a Registered Office Address as part of our free package, this is very helpful to ensure that no correspondence from Companies House is overlooked

Limited Company Accounting Packages

See our value for money Limited Company Accounting Packages.

Once we have set up your limited company (normally within 24 hours), we continue to offer your Company top quality advice through our Fixed Fee Accounting Packages.

You will probably only form your limited company once, so it is best to do it correctly and get expert advice and support from our experienced staff.

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