Online Payroll Services

If you have a limited Company, you already have payroll services for up to two directors included within your monthly accounting fee, if your Limited Company has additional employees we are able to provide full Online Payroll Services for these additional employees at the rate of £3 per payslip for monthly paid employees and £1.50 per payslip for weekly paid employees.

If your business is not a limited Company we can offer full Online Payroll Services for all of your employees, again the price is £3.00 per payslip for monthly paid employees and £1.50 per payslip for weekly paid employees. As we have fixed costs for each payroll run we do have to make a minimum charge for the payroll service of £10 per month irrespective of the number of employees, this can be added to your monthly standing order.

Our full Online Payroll Services includes everything that you will require to pay your employees and meet the ever more rigorous reporting requirements of HMRC.

This includes:

  • Calculation of Gross to Net Payroll for each employee
  • Provision of electronic payslips for each employee formatted for instant printing
  • Provision of standard reports to the employer to assist making the net payments
  • Provision of monthly payroll liabilities statement showing the amounts payable to HMRC
  • Submission of the payroll to comply with HMRC RTI requirements
  • Provision of monthly accounting report.
  • Preparation of P45’s for leavers when required
  • Administration of joiners details when required
  • Administration of all statutory payments and pension deductions
  • Preparation and distribution of employee’s year end p60’s

All our payrolls are checked by qualified accountants so you can be sure that it will be right first time, every time.