If you have set up or are considering setting up as a Contractor or Freelancer and trade through a limited Company then our Online Contractor Accountants Service is the perfect choice for you.

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After the short initial training that we provide as part of your fixed fee package, you will be able to prepare your invoices to clients at the press of a button (or maybe two or three presses). Your invoices will look professional and can be sent out by the integrated email application.

You can enter your expenses as and when you wish to and you will always have the comfort of knowing that your own qualified accountant is just a call away, or an email away if you prefer.

As the number of transactions for a contractor or freelancer is normally quite low, there are significant savings to be made by using our online accounting system to enter you sales and expenses, if we see something that we feel you should know about we will let you know as one of the major benefits of Online Contractor Accountants is that we also have access to your accounts. We can assist online if you have a problem and we are able to extract reports to ensure that your Vat return is submitted on time and accurately every quarter.

For more information regarding our Contractor Accountants packages, please take a look at our Online Accounting Prices page where you will find details of the services that are available and the prices that are associated with them.