Online Bookkeeping Services

All of our Accounting packages are priced on the basis that you provide your own bookkeeping services via our user friendly online accounting system that is included within the price of your package.

However, we do of course understand that not everyone wishes to spend time on bookkeeping and just want to remove all administration from their business.

If you are one of these people then we are able to offer bookkeeping services at very competitive rates so that you simply send us all of your paperwork in a format that is most convenient to yourself. This may be via spreadsheet or by post, the choice is yours.

The price of bookkeeping services is of course dependent upon the number of transactions that goes through your business. We class a transaction as an entry onto the online accounting system so we are able to accurately charge for the work completed. Our Bookkeeping Services are only available to clients who have chosen one of our Online Accounting Packages and are charged in blocks of 50 transactions.

We are able to update your accounts on a monthly or a quarterly basis and we raise our Bookkeeping invoice quarterly in areas for the work completed.

Charges are £25 per block of 50 online transactions that we input.

Just for the sake of clarity if you sent us a list of sales invoices and bank statements, there would be 1 transaction for us posting the invoice into the system and 1 transaction for applying the payment against it. For supplier purchases it would work the same there would be 1 transaction for posting the invoice and 1 transaction for applying the payment against it. These rates compare favourable against similar services and as we stated above can only be offered to clients who are signed up to one of our accounting packages.