How Online Accounting Works

We can tell you how online accounting works in one simple phrase “it is easy” Unlike traditional accounting systems that were designed for accountants, the current range on online accounting systems have been designed from the perspective of the business owner and could easily be called small business systems rather than accounting systems.

The system itself is accessed over the internet so if you wish to work from a laptop, your office or even your tab or phone, the system is there waiting for you, all you need is an internet connection.

We provide you with some initial training on the online system and you are ready to go. The online Accounting System is your virtual office, you can prepare and send invoices, enter expenses, review reports and even check your bank statements all in one easy to use package.

Our Online Accounting packages have been designed to ensure that you are never alone, support is just a telephone call away and you have the comfort of knowing that we have access to the data at the same time as you so if we see something that needs your attention we will let you know.

The future of accounting is online, if you would like to find out how it can save you time and   save you money, please contact us and we can discuss your options.