Changing Your Accountant

Changing your accountant is very simple. All we need from you is the name of your current accountants, the contact that you deal with and their e-mail address and we will do the rest.

We will send your current accountant a courteous professional clearance letter advising them of your decision and requesting all the relevant information that will be required to make a smooth and successful transfer over to ourselves. We have been through this procedure many times before and can handle it quickly and without causing any bad feelings.

We will only send this letter once that we have written confirmation from yourself that we can send it.

Your previous accountant will send the information that we require directly to us and we will ensure that we have everything that is required to provide you with a top class service from day one.

There is nothing further that you will need to do. We take care of everything.

Once the process is completed we will let you know that all is well and we have the information required.

Changing your accountant is as easy as that!